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13 July 2008 @ 04:59 pm
I'll just make a list first, add details later.

1. Quit job at the restaurant (finally) 
2. Was promoted to be a senior next year.
3. Dad started a bakery business with Johnny.
4. Johnny got a puppy.
5. Laptop.
6. Summer break.
7. Vacation with Lindsay coming soon!

1. ok, I officially quit in May. Every since February I was thinking, "Im never going to make it a whole year working here, its just impossible". So the first Sunday of May I put in my 2 week notice. I dont think I clarified in other posts but after working as a hostess for a couple of months, I was moved to the Pantry (which works the salad bar). After I quit, a hostess who is my exact age (shares b-day) took over my job. So now she is a hostess, as well as a panty person. She called me on our birthday to wish me a happy b-day...that was nice. I also went out to eat there a couple weeks ago. That was the first time I ever went there after quitting. The other female hostess stopped by our booth and talked. She's really nice.

2. I was a bit worried that I might not become a senior next year actually. My Junior year was my worst year by far academically. I thought I was going to fail my math exam so the day after I took it (after school) I went to my teacher and asked what my final grade was and she assured me that I passed! I was happy and relieved.

3. Yup, dad is finally getting his dream of working for himself. He lost his job at the restaurant he was working at and that cut off our insurance (so we dont have insurance anymore). But because of that dad was finally motivated to start up his own thing, and with his friend Johnny, who lives with us anyway, they started a bakery business! Sure dad didnt go to college for anything, but Johnny graduated as a pastry chef and they are both extremely creative when it comes to making their own food. Now that they have tons of orders coming in and contracts with restaurant chains, we'll be getting a lot more money soon...hopefully. 

4. Johnny got a puppy! Theres a long story behind it but Ill sum it up. When Johnny moved down here with us he had a dog named Dillan (girl dog). He let some friends take care of her while he lived with us because we already have 2 dogs (we had 3 at the time) and he didnt want to be a burdon. We'll, Johnny went back home (in PA) for a visit and he called the people he left Dillan with...and they refused to give his dog back. He went up to PA and tried to talk to them personally, but found out that these people had stolen his dog and taken her off somewhere. So he was very upset and angry but had to give up the search... so he got a new dog. The dog is a hound mix, mostly Coon hound and his name is Keller. He's cute, and very hyper. Edik isnt too bad with him either. 

5. My computer finally died. Did I mention that it was making really odd noises. Well, it took a long long long long time, but it officially died. Actually, with the help of Kristen. One day it shut off on its own again (Like it always did) so I called Kristen in cause I couldnt get it going myself, but when she unplugged the back, there was a spark...and smoke. Dad looked at it, it was dead. He tried to fix it by adding different spare parts we had, but nothing worked. So, I gave up on Desktop computers for life. I will never ever use them again. I bought myself an HP Pavilion dv6000 for about $800. I had $1k in my checking account when I walked into Best Buy, and walked out with only $300. oh well, it was for the best.

6. Summer... ok, I had a lot of plans for this summer (who doesnt) and like last year, they didnt come true. Once again I was rejected from ZooTeens. Im going to try again next summer though!!!! I dont have a job (I sent an online application in to PetsMart...) and Im not doing anything else. I really wanted to become more active this summer but with the car in the condition it is in right now (transmition is dying) and with the pool not being open... I didnt get my desire. I'll find a way to ger around it though.

7. Today marks 22 more days until my vacation with Lindsay! She just called me yesterday (which is amazing, Im usually the one to call her even though I dont often cause I hate the phone). So we talked normally and we're both excited. We're still trying to think of things to do for the week that Im staying at her house before we leave for the beach... I have to call her tonight and talk more. 

Ok, so thats it. Another update will come when I feel like it. Bye bye!
30 January 2008 @ 11:52 pm
Your Johnny's Jr. (k8, kat-tun, news, t&t) family by symeyha
MotherKoyama Keiichiro
SisterTegoshi Yuya
BrotherMasuda Takahisa
Best friendUeda Tatsuya
BoyfriendKamenashi Kazuya
PetKato Shigeaki
19 December 2007 @ 09:04 pm

My sister and I made some KAT-TUN holiday sugar cookies! I took the letters of KAT-TUN into seperate cookies and decorated them for the holiday!

I put together some before and after pictures =3

As for who made what, my sister make Kame's 'K', Taguchi's 'T' and Koki's 'T'. I make Akanishi's 'A', Ueda's 'U' and we both made Nakamaru's 'N'. After they were done baking we sat down and watched a marathon of Yukan Club (eps. 8-9) and ate them. We split them - She ate T,T,N, and I ate K,A,U. =3 We shared the hyphen. It was fun!

12 December 2007 @ 10:44 pm
It has been a long time since Ive posted something.

I can tell you why though. Ive been busy.
I'll list it all.

1) KAT-TUN has taken over my life (bit of an exaggeration but not by much)
2) So many projects to do for school
3) Work.
4) Drama series

Not that many things but then again nothing really important has happened to post about.
Though, Drew will be visiting again on the 26 to sometime in January.

So yeah, Ive been spending all of my free time listening/watching/doing anything that relates to KAT-TUN. Not my fault, they're an addicting group of 6 sexy young guys.
Lots of projects to do (Junior year is tough!) and work is pretty normal (though lately Ive been worrying that I'll be laid off cause I only work 3 days a week and were starting to lose business... I work at an indepentantly owned restaurant by the way)

Concerning school, I've just talked to my guidance councelor about dropping out of my second semester of Art. I so hope I'll be able to. Art, right now, is useless for me and its only lowering my GPA. I don't need it.

And the drama series is Yukan Club. Its so funny. 2 members from KAT-TUN star in it.

Anyway, Im ganna go listen to KAT-TUNs radio show. (see, told you they're taking over my life. There are just so many things to keep up with them. Music show appearances, Magazine photo shoots, their talk show, their radio shows, the drama. They are busy people!)

Oh yeah, also, I wanted to add one more thing.
Even though I'm only in my junior year and I plan to go to a community college after High school, I'm already looking at 4 year colleges and planning on how I'm going to live through it. The only colleges that hold the major I want (zoology) are mostly in the west and after talking to my mom a lot about it I decided to go to Nebraska. My aunt/uncle/cousins live there and if I live with them I'll be really close to a neat college I checked out and being a residence will make college cheaper. Also, Omaha Nebraska has an amazingly huge zoo that I could work at durring college. Since I want to be a zoo keeper when I graduate, It'll be a great experience. Also, this summer, Im going to volunteer at the zoo here so, lots of preperation for my future! YAY!
The only thing I'm not excited about is the fact that I am going to have to move again when I really hate moving (but it wont be so bad this time 'cause I'm not emotionally connected to the south in any way) but the biggest problem is going to be moving away from my family (mostly mom) but then again with me being with my aunt/uncle, my family has an excuse to come up and visit them more. =3. YAY. That wont be for like... another 4 years or so.
13 October 2007 @ 10:40 am
Ok, this isnt anything important but I thought it was funny so Im ganna mention it.

Though I dont have that many posts yet, I have talked quite a lot about several different Japanese actors/singers.
They are: Hyde, Akanishi Jin, Matsumoto Jun, and the actor who plays L in Death Note.

And every single one of these guys Ive said were the 'sexiest guys in the world'. Seriously, go back and see for yourself. XD Its hilariously strange. All theses guys are sexy, but Ive said their all the sexiest guys 'in the world'. Thats confusing. I have to decide who's sexier then who...
Oh, thats ganna be hard.
Ok, Ill make a list.

1) Akanishi Jin
2) Matsumoto Jun
3) Hyde
4) Actor who plays L

Ok, there ya go. No more confusion...

Yeah, I gatta get ready for work.

OOHH PS: I just found out yesterday, Akanishi Jin along with another member of KAT-TUN (Junno Taguchi) Is going to be in a new JDrama (Yuukan Club)! YAY!!! I dont know when its going to be aired or on the internet or subbed but Ill definately post something when it is watchable to American viewers. YAY!!!!
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02 October 2007 @ 05:21 pm
Yes, Ive been busy. Ever since working I dont have time to do things I usually did.

Weekdays are dedicated to school work, weekends are dedicated to work work. Which leaves no time for hobbies. But of course I have to spend some time on the computer and I need to read too so, of course I cant give up that stuff! But other than that... I cant do much else.
Oh well, atleast it means Im never bored.

Work is going alright. Ive only been there for a month and its not like I became a professional in that time, no, I make mistakes (often) but I learn from them and hopefully wont make the same mistakes again (though I have already made the same mistake more than twice... and they were bad mistakes). Oh well, no one can blame me! Its my very first job and in a popular restaurant/sports bar!

Atleast -some- of my co-workers are nice. All of the other hostess/to-go people are nice.

The Okra Strut was this weekend. Its a weird... thing that goes on in South Carolina. Its like a mini town carnival for a vegitable. It had rides and tons of consession stands... By the way, the restaurant is apart of a short strip mall that has other stores connected to it... and you know that strip malls share a parking lot. Well, this Okra Strut carnival was right our front in the parking lot. There was never a time when people werent coming into the store. Not even half of them wanted to sit and eat, most were in to use the rest room or get a drink to take out with them. It was BUSY.

Friday I worked a full time shift! I didnt get home until midnight! It was fun though cause me and Ashton were working together (Ashton is a senior at another high school) He's really funny. The entire night (past 9pm) Me and him were complaining so bad that we were tired and wanted to go home. And the biggest joke of the night was that both me and him were being illegal. Teens under 17 arent supposed to work past 10/11 and we were there til midnight.
The very next day we were both working again at 11 (the Okra Strut lasted Fri-Sat) and by that evening me and Ashton were like "uuugghh, so tiiired, wanna leave, ugggghhh *dead*" It was pretty funny.

But yeah, I hope it never gets that busy again. Except that next Sunday. I was hoping it was going to be nice and slow after the Okra Strut but it wasnt. I was the only hostess and an entire church came (35+ people) and took up 2 of our 3 servers that morning and so the only available server for over an hour was waiting on 7 different tables at once. Stressful times. Thats the reason I never wanted to work at a restaurant but... oh well.

Anyway, enough of my rant. I have stuff to do.. -.-;;;
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09 September 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Its been a while...
Summer's over, school has started, blah blah blah...

But ontop of that, I got a job!!
Build-a-Bear and the theater I applied to didnt do well (of course because they werent currently hiring) but I was able to get a job rather quickly after those failed attempts.

Late in the summer my dad, along with some other people, were re-building an old restaurant and before they opened they started hiring new people. It was extremely easy to get the job since my dad is the corporate chef and everyone knows him...
But just because my dad works there doesnt mean I get any special privileges... 'cause I dont. Which is good.
But work is ok. I've worked for 2 weekends now as a hostess (They had me as food-runner Friday which was horrible!)

I've met alot of people and have talked more to people then I normally do and its going well. A girl in one of my classes from last year is working there too as a hostess so now we've become some sort of friends. Last night she stayed at my house for an hour after work so I guess that means were friends now. And theres Ashton who's the only male host that I worked with last night. We talked for about an hour before I left about random things.

Anyway, there arent enough male workers. There's 1 male server around my age, Ashton and a guy my age who works in the kitchen, but everyone else is either older or girls...
So yeah, everything is going ok. Its my first job, first time working at a restaurant and I never wanted to work in any kind of food business anyway... but I'll get used to it... sooner or later.

PS: Its very hard to work in this business when you still dont know everyones names >-
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10 August 2007 @ 11:22 pm
My sisters boyfriend from Canada has been here a whole week now.
He's ok, pretty much like all of her other friends... except, the way they act together is much different.
So yeah, no more on this subject cause I dont like it.

We're going to the zoo on Sunday! Im SOOOOO HYPED!!!!
My friend on Maple Story (who lives in Georgia) actually went to Riverbanks Zoo. I was amazed when he told me. We talked alot about it. Now we can talk more about it!

Im defiantely going to take lots of pictures and movies as well. I'll post the edited movies on YouTube. =D.

I've also been Job Hunting. So far I've gotten an application from Build-A-Bear and Columbiana Grande (movie theater) and have handed them in; Though I dont know If Ill get them. I have 3 different places to visit though: Another movie theater, Hollywood movies and Blockbuster. Thats 5 different job choices. Hopefully by having so many, I'll be able to get a job real soon... cause I really want one. (I hope I get one of the theater jobs >.>)
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10 July 2007 @ 08:18 pm
My sisters friend from back home in PA came down to visit about two weeks ago and stayed for 9/10 days. He left late last week... which was sad. It was nice having a familiar face around. Plus he's really fun too.
Though he was only here to visit Kristen, I still did stuff with them. We all watched movies in the living room and we went to see 1408 in the theaters. We also went to Frankies Fun Park again. This time with Drew we did a few things we didnt do the last time we went. Kristen, Drew and I played 'mini bowling' and also played mini golf.

The mini golf was so funny because Kristen kept whacking the ball too hard and made if fly off the course and into the grass and bushes (good thing they were easy to find). And then, when we were on a bridge (there are numerous ponds and tiny rivers flowing throughout the courses so there are bridges build over them... and the bridges happen to be part of a mini-golf course... ya know, the individual holes)... and Drew hit his ball a little bit too hard and it went over the bride and into the water. Though you expect a golf ball to float up, it never appeared after watching the water and waiting for it to come up after 10 seconds. So then Drew poked his golf club into the water to see if he could find it and found that the water wasnt that deep so he got on his stomach and put his arm in the water to search for it. He did get a ball, but it wasnt his. It was the same color as my ball so he went to the other side of the river to find another ball... and he did, but he accidentally dropped it. So he decided to just use the ball he got that was the same color as mine.

Before we left we gathered out arcade tickets and we each bought something. Drew got a funky looking set of cards, Kristen got a cute lil' green squishy ball with eyes, and I got a harmonica (And the instrument was worth less than the cheap squichy ball).

So yeah, That was a fun few days. For the rest of the summer we arent really doing anything (except my sisters boyfriend is coming down from Canada to visit. Now that visitor wont be as fun for me though...). We are going to see Harry Potter this weekend. YAAAAAAAAAAY
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01 July 2007 @ 01:54 pm

Ok so, Im having trouble typing because my kitten is sitting on my arm and I can only type with my right hand...

Anyway, a few things have been happening this week (or rather last week...)
My birthday was on the 22nd and we didnt really do anything on that day but the whole weekend we went out and did stuff so it was like that whole weekend was a celebration for my birthday (my arm is getting tired from my kitten who is currently clawing and gnawing at my hand and watching my other hand move around the keyboard typing)

So, First we went out to 3 stores (Old Navy, Target and WalMart) to buy swim suits for me, mom, and my sister (I got a tankini). Then the same day we went out to eat at an awesome Japanese place. I ate my entire meal with chopstick. Teriyaki chicken and rice... mmmm. Then Kristen and I went swimming.

The next day we went to get our hair cut. My new haircut I think is one of the best, if not the best, that Ive ever gotten. I have to say I was nervous though.

The next day we went to a local arcade place, Frankies Fun Park. Kristen and I played lots of games. There was this one asian guy who was playing an Initial D racing game for hours, but he was so cool.

So, that was it for my birthday weekend. Not much is happening now except my sisters friend Drew from back home (PA) has come down to visit for the week. well, c'ya!

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